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Terlampir adalah Warta Jemaat serta Renungan Harian untuk anda sepanjang minggu ini. Kami mohon maaf atas kesalahan cetak oleh redaksi.

Tuhan Yesus memberkati.

-Bethany Toronto



Sleep in an extra hour! Don’t forget to turn back your clock 1 hour back at 2 am this Sunday, Nov 02.

Shalom Bethany Toronto,
Mari kita ikut berpartisipasi dan men-support teman2 kita di UKI!

Bazaar UKI 2008

Transfiguration Church
45 Ludstone Dr., Etobicoke

(South of Dixon Rd. dan West of Kipling Ave.)
Sabtu 13 September 2008
Jam 11 am – selesai

Sate babi, Sate ayam, Mie ayam, Siomay bandung, Nasi kuning, Nasi gudeg, Nasi campur, Nasi uduk, Pepes ikan, Gulai kambing, Toge goreng, Aneka jajanan ala Indo (risoles, pastel goreng, kroket, empek-empek, kue talam, kue lapis), Aneka minuman (es campur, es doger, es cocktail)
macam-macam krupuk dan makanan kering ala Indo, serta masih banyak lagiiii…

Raffle Berhadiah Cash 50-50
$2 per lembar atau $5 per 3 lembar

Dimeriahkan oleh:
lagu-lagu jaman tempo doeloe dan tembang kenangan, maupun lagu-lagu popular saat ini (lagu Indo, jawa, batak, english, mandarin, dll)

Sekali dalam setahun, Anda datang untuk melepas kangen ketemu teman lama, nikmati makanan ala Indonesia diiringi lagu nostalgia serta nyumbang UKI.

Hello everyone,

Ps. Frans Wirayadi recently had his 54th birthday. This is the celebration at church last Sunday Aug 31 2008 captured on camera!

**Disclaimer: Thanks to the Santoso Family for submitting this clip!

Hello Bethany Toronto,

What’s happening in our community?

If your answer is “I don’t know” or “I’m not quite sure” ….


This is an initiative or an attempt at a website, while the real one is in the making. This blog will serve the purpose of keeping our activities blogged and abreast.

Eva (yang sekarang lagi pengacara) will mainly be in charge of this initiative, bearing the title of Editor-in-Chief.

I, myself, as the Chief Correspondent will contribute to the growth of this initiative by assisting the Editor-in-Chief with materials to update, such as articles, pictures, comics, and etc. to keep our community updated as to what’s happening!

Please support this new initiative by contributing your parts by doing one or more of the following:

1) Posting a comment to a post so that we know you are reading and the materials are helping you.

2) Submit good, exciting, and funny articles to post. We will credit you for your findings.

3) Submit a testimony or a sharing.

4) Submit pictures to be posted here along with comments if/when available.

5) Submit recommendations and constructive feedbacks to better this initiative.

**All submissions to be made to

Please stay tuned for the first post, which will probably be from our last Retreat!

-Fritz & Eva Read the rest of this entry »

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